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Big shout-out to KRIS 6 News Reporter Hannah Cromer for the love on the James Greer Foundation story. We appreciate the awesome support you give the JGF and the Cinco de Mayo Pro & Beach Community here in Corpus Christi, TX.




The 2017 Cinco De Mayo Pro-Am will host surfers, beach volleyball players, SUP racers and several other athletes from around the country as they compete in a series of events over four days.

According to Kevin Greer, Executive Director of Cinco De Mayo Pro, it is deemed as the largest weekend beach event in the Lone Star State.

“We kind of want to tip the scales a little bit, in our favor, here in Texas because we like to do it big and the Cinco De Mayo Pro should too,” Greer says.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the contest and it’s expected to bring several thousands to the Packery Channel Jetty.

SUP surf contests, the Blind Surf clinic and SUP sprint races are just a few of the competitions during the four-day event. This year, it’s expanding and growing to bring top notch athletes and contests like the two on two volleyball tournament and the night surf contests.

However, the growth of the event has left Greer juggling many tasks which has become challenging when remembering the purpose of it all.

“Once my brother passed away, we wanted to do something in his memory. We wanted to move towards education. So what better way to do that than educate our surfers that were in need and give them scholarships so they can get their education rolling at a higher level, um, and still be able to do the things they do…surfing, traveling,” Greer said.

The James Greer Foundation is the driving force in providing several surfers scholarships for college. It helps students advance and succeed in the future as they move on to achieve greater educational heights.

Greer says James was a large contributor to the surfing community and giving back in his memory is important.

To date, the foundation has given thousands and thousands of dollars to surfers that participate in the Texas Gulf Surfing Association.

So at the end of the day, it’s more than just a beach gathering of athletes and spectators…it’s the memory of one man, his contribution to the surfing community, and his lasting legacy.










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Kevin Greer
Kevin Greer

Owner-operator at Breakout Social Media/Marketing, Executive Director at Cinco de Mayo Pro and President at James Greer Foundation

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